Seventy students received full waivers of the registration fee to attend the 2016 SFF Symposium.  Congratulations to these students.  The organizers are grateful to the National Science Foundation (Grant Number CMMI-1639406) for supporting the conference.

Christine Ajinjeru                  U. Tennesee, Knoxville                                         Maxwell Micali                           U. California, Berkley
Jared Allison                        U. Texas, Austin                                                  Jorge Mireles                             U. Texas, El Paso
Bandar AlMangour                U. California, Los Angeles                                    Amir M. Mirzendehdel                 U. Wisconsin, Madison
Steven Ambriz                     U. Texas, El Paso                                                Hadi Miyanaji                             U. Louisville
Masoumeh Aminzadeh         Georgia Tech                                                       Jose Motta                                 U. Texas, El Paso
Edel Arrieta                         U. Texas, El Paso                                                Caroline Murphy                         Missouri U. of Sci. & Tech
Alta Bailey                          NC A&T                                                               Clayton Neff                               U. South Florida
Amrita Basak                      Georgia Tech                                                        Fuda Ning                                  Texas Tech
Nicholas Chartrain               Virginia Tech                                                         Hadis Nouri                                U. Southern California
Xueyang Chen                     Missouri U. of Sci. & Tech                                      Justin Nussbaum                       U. South Florida
Lin Cheng                           U. Pittsburgh                                                         Dishit Parekh                             NC State U.
Julien Cohen                       U. Texas, Austin                                                    Sang-in Park                              Georgia Tech
Jose Coronel                       U. Texas, El Paso                                                  Jeffrey Plott                               U. Michigan
Michelle Gegel                    Missouri U. of Sci. & Tech                                       Ketut Putra                               U. Michigan
Megan Gegesky                  Missouri U. of Sci. & Tech                                       Nithin Reddy                             Penn State
Jose Gonzalez                    U. Texas, El Paso                                                   Christopher Roberts                   U. Texas, Austin
Hengfeng Gu                       NC State U.                                                            Nilabh K Roy                            U. Texas, Austin
Yingbin Hu                          Texas Tech                                                             Conner Sharpe                          U. Texas, Austin
Chad Hume                         Georgia Tech                                                          Luke Sheridan                          Wright State U.
Nikhil Jorapur                      Virginia Tech                                                           Subin Shrestha                         U. Alabama
Tahmina Keya                     U. Alabama                                                             Ruoyu Song                             Georgia Tech
Dong Sung (Danny) Kim      Texas A&M                                                              Xuan Song                               U. Southern California
Hoyeol Kim                        Texas Tech                                                               Logan Sturm                            Virginia Tech
Vidya Kishore                    U. Tennesee, Knoxville                                               Gustavo Tapia                          Texas A&M
Stefan Kraft                       Virginia Tech                                                              Saish Tedia                             Virginia Tech
Caitlin Kriewall                   Missouri U. of Sci. & Tech                                           Dakshnamoorthy, Vignesh        U. Texas, Arlington
Joseph Kubalak                 Virginia Tech                                                               Fangquan Wang                      Missouri U. of Sci. & Tech
Tse Lai Yu Leo                   U. Michigan                                                                Narumi Watanabe                    Georgia Tech
Wei Li                               Missouri U. of Sci. & Tech                                           Yan Wu                                   U. Louisville
Wenbin Li                          Missouri U. of Sci. & Tech                                           Bin Xia                                    Southern Methodist U.
Xiangjia Li                          U. Southern California                                                 Lei Yan                                   Missouri U. of Sci. & Tech
Xingchen Liu                      U. Wisconsin, Madison                                               Xiao Yuan                                U. Southern California
Zhichao Liu                        Texas Tech                                                                Mengyun Zhang                       Texas Tech
Mohamad Mahmoudi          Texas A&M                                                                Changxuan Zhao                      Georgia Tech
Huachao Mao                    U. Southern California                                                  Xiayun Zhao                            Georgia Tech

Submission of a manuscript is optional.  Uploading is accomplished on the conference website home page under the “Conference Tools” section.  We hope to complete the review process and have the reviews available to authors no later than 15 August.   If you are not participating in the review process, we request that you upload your manuscript no later than 31 August.

2016 FAME Award Winners

The winner of the 2016 SFF Symposium International Freeform and Additive Manufacturing (FAME) Award is Dr. Brent Stucker of 3DSIM, LLC.  The winner of the International Outstanding Young Researcher in Freeform and Additive Manufacturing Award (FAME Jr) is Dr. Li Yang from the University of Louisville.  Congratulations to both award winners.  They were recognized Monday evening, August 8, at the conference awards banquet.


The 2016 Annual International Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium - An Additive Manufacturing Conference, was held in Austin, Texas, USA on August 8-10, 2016.  The meeting ran three full days, starting approximately 8 AM on Monday and ending approximately 5 PM on Wednesday.  Over 530 people attended the meeting, representing 20 countries.  A totla of 391 presentations were give, 337 oral presentations and 54 posters.  The meeting was held at the AT&T Conference Center (1900 University Avenue) on the campus of The University of Texas in Austin, Texas. 

Conference management (abstracts, manuscripts, review process and meeting registration) is accessible using the "Conference Tools" button at the upper right side of this webpage.  It will be active on February 15, 2016.


April 1            Guaranteed Consideration Deadline for FAME Award Nominations

April 15          Abstract Deadline ***Abstract Deadline Extended to May 4!!!***

July 15           Manuscript (Review Option) Deadline [See Manuscripts Section]

August 10     Manuscript (Non-Reviewed Option) Deadline; All Reviews Due

August 31     Revised Manuscripts Due

Contact: dbourell@mail.utexas.edu