The Twenty-Eighth Annual International Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium – An Additive Manufacturing Conference will be held August 7-9, 2017 at the Hilton Austin Hotel (500 East 4th St.) in Austin, Texas.  The meeting will run three full days from 8 AM to ~5:30 PM.  There is an optional social function Sunday evening, August 6; there is no cost for this event, and more information is given at the Events tab.

Cost  $620 (full), $400 (student). The registration fee includes, in addition to full meeting access, the Sunday evening pre-conference social event, the Monday evening awards banquet, an informalTuesday lunch at the meeting and a flash drive copy of the conference proceedings. One day registration is available for $250 and includes one social event but not a copy of the proceedings.  To register, please click the "Conference Tools" button on the website homepage.  You may also purchase extra tickets for the social events if you intend to bring an accompanying person/s.

Abstracts. Abstracts are due April 17.  To submit an abstract, please click the "Conference Tools" button on the website homepage. 

Poster Session. A poster session is set for late Tuesday afternoon.  To participate, please submit an abstract and check off the poster button.  Specific information respecting poster set-up may be found here.

Awards.  There will be an award for the best oral and poster presentations.  These awards will be given Wednesday afternoon in the closing session.  For more information on the Freeform and Additive Manufacturing Excellence (FAME) Awards, please see the Awards link.  Plans are underway to publish "best papers" in special issues of the Rapid Prototyping Journal and the materials journal JOM.  The number of papers is 8-10 for each journal.  Papers will be selected from the reviewed manuscripts submitted to the SFF Symposium conference proceedings.  Selected papers are subject to journal review, so publication is not guaranteed.

Manuscripts. Authors must present their work at the meeting to have their manuscript included in the proceedings.  Manuscripts may be uploaded at this website.  Please click the "Conference Tools" button on the website homepage.  Authors submitting manuscripts have the option to have their manuscript reviewed/refereed.  Having a conference proceedings article reviewed is important to some authors, particularly academicians. Each manuscript receives two reviews using a referee pool composed of all authors submitting reviewed manuscripts. Authors selecting reviewed status for their manuscript must review two other manuscripts.  Reviews are due at the conference; final manuscripts are due August 31.

Proceedings. Papers presented in presentation and poster sessions will be published in flash-drive and swing-hinge bound formats.  Each person (including students) registering for the full meeting will receive a copy in flash-drive format ~4 months after the meeting.  Swing-hinge copies are available for purchase.  Proceedings papers will be accessible and downloadable on line at the SFF Symposium website at no charge:

Internet Service. The Hilton Hotel is providing complimentary in-room internet service for attendees making reservations on the conference block of rooms.  Complimentary wireless internet is available on the meeting floors at the conference space.

Weather. The weather in Austin is hot, temperatures averaging between a low of 70˚F (21˚C) and a high of 100˚F (38˚C). The average relative humidity is 50%. The probability of precipitation is virtually zero.

Suggested Dress. Dress for the meeting and evening special events is casual.

Language. The official language of the conference is English.